One Family



John and his son, John-Scott, are responsible for crop production and beef marketing. Both father and son have degrees from Penn State University that provide expertise to own and operate a family business. John, a business management major, and John-Scott, a graduate in Agricultural Sciences with an International Agriculture minor, share a passion for agriculture.  John is primarily responsible for coordinating business with Hirsch's Meats, a family-owned butcher shop that packages our beef under USDA inspection to assure that our customers and restaurants receive safe beef as well as the cuts to their specifications.


John's Son

John-Scott recently became a new partner in the business and manages the day-to-day organization of Clarion Farms with his uncle and father, as well as maintaining social media for up-to-date customer relations. Pasture, crop, and cow-calf herd management as well as The Pittsburgh Public Market in The Strip District on Penn Avenue include his areas of responsibility and interest.


John-Scott's Wife

John-Scott and ReGina Marie Lannigan were married on December 28, 2013.  As a wonderful partner in agriculture, Gina agreed to honeymoon at the National Cattlemen's Beef Association convention in Nashville, thought chickens were great for an Easter gift, and has been helping with haying for several seasons. Gina recently graduated from pharmacy school, but even before that, she has always been John-Scott's favorite 'pharm' girl.  Welcome to the family, Gina!


John's Brother

Scott, John's brother,  is a proud Clarion University graduate with a degree in English and manages the health and nutrition of the cattle herd, acts as accountant and general manager, and is the face that you will most likely see in the on-farm store, The Beef Barn.  He also carefully monitors the progress of our sweet corn in the summers so that our customers get the freshest sweet corn in the county! Speak with him face-to-face...he is a child of the sixties and has some hearing loss!


John's Daughter

Katie recently graduated from Slippery Rock University and, when at home, she is most often greeting customers in the store, answering questions about how our beef is raised, and suggesting cuts of beef to meet our customers' needs.  Katie can also be spotted on the tractor during hay season, a skill of which others at Slippery Rock University were envious. Additionally, Katie participates in distance running for TEAM BEEF as a spokesperson who advocates the nutritional advantages of beef for athletes. The Pittsburgh Half-Marathon 2014 was such a blast for us all!


John's Wife

Margy, who has been married to John for more than thirty years, was raised in the Harrisburg area and embraces life on the farm when she is not educating students who are deaf or hard-of-hearing!  

Her contributions include not only making signs that alert buyers to the happenings on the farm, but also sharing family recipes that feature tasty and tender Clarion Farms beef. She has been known to return from a Mozart matinee and respond to a request for assistance to help clean out the barns, or to delay a date with her hubby to supervise a calf entering the world. She, too, can drive a tractor.