Saturday in the Strip!


You're going to the Strip today and it's cold? So what, you could be piled into a frozen park in Punxsutawney, watching your digits turn to ice and fall off while waiting for a guy to talk to a sleepy rodent. There isn't enough beer in the world...

I digress.

We're packing up the coolers with a HUGE selection of awesome beef and bringing the farm to your city this morning! Find us from 9-12 beside the extraordinary Bar Marco on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets; we'll be the crazy people standing outside under a blue tent. Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats will join us, too, with a variety of their pastured pork and chicken. Not only is this the coolest part of the Strip (literally, today), our spot features really good meals directly from the farm.

Want to visit and see the source of it all? Join us February 23 for Frozen on the Farm! Details on our events page.

Here's what's headed your way, so you can plan ahead without standing in the weather:


chip steak 2

chuck eye 4

cubed steak 3

eye of round 2

filet 2 medallion 1 whole

flank 4

flat iron 2

hanger 3

New York strip 4

petite tender 1

porterhouse 4

ribeye 4

sirloin 5

skirt 5

t-bone 2


arm 1

brisket 3 half

chuck 5

English 2

eye of round 2

London broil 1

rolled rump 2


tip 1

Ground beef

80/20 ground beef

90/10 ground round

Odds and Ends

beef cheek 2

liver 1

ox tail 4

short ribs 2

stew meat 5

That's it! See you in the Strip!