The Event Barn


The Event Barn at Clarion Farms was skillfully constructed in the year 1913 to house a dairy herd of cattle.  Through the years it has withstood the test of time, indomitable in the task of serving as shelter for various species of livestock, and, more recently, as a storehouse for quality grass hay.  In 2017 the barn was reborn as a rustic banquet hall, serving as a unique locale for Clarion natives and visitors from across Pennsylvania to come together and share elegant meals, music, and camaraderie.  Under the skilled management of the Clarion Farms family and in close partnership with local talent of all kinds, these gatherings aim to represent the best our town has to offer in the form of fresh food, good beer, and exceptional ambiance.  We hope that each person who sits at a table under the soaring peaks of the ceiling and dines with us will experience a wonderful, overwhelming sense of awe that pulls them back to Clarion time and time again.  Come as a guest, relax like family, and leave as a member of our community.

For information regarding upcoming events at the Banquet Barn please follow our Facebook page (Clarion Farms Beef Barn), sign up for our monthly newsletter by emailing with the subject line ‘Newsletter’, or by calling John-Scott at 814-221-0219.  The Barn is conveniently located just ½ miles north of exit 64 from Interstate 80 on the left, or two miles south of Clarion on Greenville Pike on the right.