.01 Consistent quality

Excellent taste that is the same...time after time

Quality can be accomplished on through the passion of hands-on ownership, and the knowledge that comes with experience, including:

Uniform breed of cattle

Age-verified assurance

Proprietary feed program

Fourteen days of dry-aging


.02 animal care

Attention to the needs of our cattle every day...365 days a year

Quality is dependent on our providing a low-stress environment for our most important asset, with attention to the following:

Safety from predators

Clean living conditions

Comfortable in all seasons



.03 Good Value

a fair return for money spent

 Affordability is as important as quality because there is no customer without either, and we think you will find;

Prices compete with grocery stores

High quality product

Variety of cuts fitting both the family budget and the special occasion


.04 single-sourced beef

product from the same point of origin...every time

 You can buy our beef at the on-farm store or various pick-up sites for your convenience.  Every piece of beef sold with the Clarion Farms BEEF name was raised on our Clarion County farm.  That is why our slogan is "ONE FARM. ONE FAMILY"


.05 food safety

beef that is safe for CONSUMPTION as part of a healthy diet

We enjoy eating our own beef, and consider the safety of our product to be of primary importance for our customers, so we offer:

Hand-cut under strict USDA inspection

All-vegetable diet fed to our cattle

No growth hormones or antibiotics

No artificial color, flavor, or tenderization


If you buy Clarion Farms BEEF, you are buying fresh, locally-sourced beef.  Plus, you know where it comes from, and the farmers who raise it!