Clarion Farms Grassfed Brisket at Daddy's in Clarion!

At least ten years ago we approached Dana and Darren at their restaurant in town, asking if they had any interest in offering our beef on their menu. To our joyous surprise, they said yes; every other restaurant we talked to was extremely skeptical of a farm family’s ability to supply a dining establishment. At Daddy’s they love a challenge and they’re hardwired into this town’s culture and history. Local beef was a no-brainer.

Today they’re breaking ground again: The guys at Daddy’s are the first to serve grassfed beef from our farm. I’ve maintained a secret stash of briskets from our completely pastured beef, waiting for the perfect moment to release these extraordinary cuts of utmost rarity for the enjoyment of all. The air has cooled, the days are short, and Darren has created Apple Butter Barbecue sauce that’s ridiculously good - yes, the timing is perfect. I placed a call, they immediately agreed to serve the grassfed, and the first wave sold out in one day. Fear not, a little bit more is headed in this morning, so you’ll have another chance to get your hands on some really, truly great beef that won’t be available again until next June.

Gosh, this is what real food is all about: delicious, limited run specialties, farmer-restaurateur relationships, and Apple Butter Barbecue sauce. Get to Daddy’s early this week before it’s gone!

JS PortDaddy's