Happy Wednesday! The BEST day to live in Clarion.


Wednesdays are awesome, and this one in particular is extraordinary because it's the perfect day to order your Prime Rib for Christmas.

December is right around the corner, and as soon as the calendar flips panic spreads across the nation: 'We haven't ordered our roast! Ah!' And the calls start.

Get ahead of the game and place your order this week, friends. You want the best for your guests, and the Beef Barn is where to find it.

Family Packs are another popular option this time of year. There is something comforting about having a full freezer when the weather is freezing. Meals, good meals, are as close as your home kitchen when planning is done in advance. The upcoming month will be hectic enough; get your peace of mind early.

That's the update for today. We're preparing for a visit from Clarion University nutrition students tomorrow, so you might see us scrambling around the store, mop buckets in hand.

We can't wait to see you at the farm!