Take Out Tuesday: Prohibition Pastries, Pittsburgh

It's Take-out Tuesday!

Tuesdays are the day to decide where you'll be eating for the week, and this is the page to check when making the decision: we'll feature a farm friendly restaurant that offers Clarion Farms beef on their menu. Farm-to-Table doesn't stop at the thought; it requires action to function properly, so we urge you to frequent these establishments who make the extra effort to support local farm relationships!

I've known Eliza, owner of Prohibition Pastries, since our days at the now-defunct Pittsburgh Public Market. She has a huge following of fans in Clarion; our customers go crazy over her pot pies made with Clarion Farms top round roasts. Despite this longstanding relationship, I've been to her bakery only twice, both times within the past several months. It immediately became one of my favorite places in Pittsburgh, and I don't hand out such praise lightly.

The shop is on a wide, quiet street in a welcoming neighborhood. Eliza and her crew function in a space slightly larger than the footprint of a normal size couch cushion, but, boy, do they turn out some stuff. Every inch of flat surface is overwhelmed with made-from-scratch baked goods that hold a visitor's gaze with a pull reminiscent of a sticky sweet fly trap. Those lacking a sweet tooth will delight in her savory breakfast pies and selection of homemade bread. And, in case you didn't catch it the first time, the beef in the steak and stout pot pies find their origin on our farm in Clarion.

Do you live in Pittsburgh? Are you going to be in Pittsburgh soon? (You are - everyone goes to Pittsburgh for an outing.) Put this address in your smart phone:

7105 Reynolds Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15208

Don't lose that location. Make time to visit when you find yourself in Pittsburgh. You'll not regret the trip across town.