Farm Dog Friday!!


Oscar knew the yard varmint was there before I opened the door.  As soon as the hinged barrier swung free of its jamb, he was out, leaping down the stairs, and churning across the driveway in the direction his instinct pulled him: towards the pickup.

I’ve been involved with the laborious process of hulling and curing Black Walnuts collected earlier this fall, and several boxes of stockpiled mast are still in the yard awaiting my stained hands to find a little time for more hulling.  My nutritious treasure has become something of a community gathering point for all sorts of creatures who, preferring to take advantage of my pre-collection services, have come forth from the woods in droves to perch on the cardboard and steal my haul.

A Red Squirrel, on this occasion, was the target of our Dachshund’s approach, and the jumpy creature shot away from the nut pile when he saw flapping ears closing in fast.  Much to my dismay, the scrappy tree rat chose the sanctuary of a rusty 2006 Chevy over a nearby towering Maple tree.  Indeed, my departure plans were significantly waylaid as both dog and rodent had to be removed from the bowels of the vehicle.

I am definitely moving those boxes.

Happy Farm Dog Friday, everyone!