Farm Dog Friday!

It's Farm Dog Friday!!

Nobody in this house is more thrilled with infant management than Oscar. Babies, it turn out, require a lot of attention, and the Hound is nothing if he isn't a keen opportunist.

Gina and I, like most first time parents, spend most of our time hungry and on the floor. Thus, it isn't unusual for a few snacks to make their way to Dachshund level when we're hanging out with the baby. All Oscar has to do is sit under the couch and wait; inevitably, the adults will be distracted with the youngster and Stealth Dog can pounce.

When our heads are turned, he shoots out and grabs a few bites of whatever we're eating, then returns to the safety of the couch in an instant. The plan is flawless, save for one detail: cracker bags get stuck on his head!

It's not too sneaky when a bag-crackle explodes into the silence, followed by a clatter when the disoriented dog crashes into the coffee table during his attempted escape. Even a baby can't cover for such a racket, and Oscar finds himself embarrassed and in hot water at the same time.

He's learning to adapt, though; we caught him sticking his long tongue into the bag this week. We'll have to keep our guard up.

Happy Friday, everyone!!