Two steps forward…and a step back.

No, I’m not practicing a new dance move.  It’s FARM DOG FRIDAY and the shuffling described above represents our ongoing Dachshund-baby relationship.  Just when we think we’re really getting somewhere, Oscar reminds us that he misses his former glory as chief Attention Hog.  He’s subtle, as you can see: basic body positioning in relation to Henry speaks volumes.

Some motherly advice I’ve received throughout my life instructs me to find the good in any situation.  Here we go: 1) The dog and baby are in the same room.  That’s a victory.  2) The end Oscar tactlessly positioned closest to our infant’s head, though dangerous and capable of triggering occasional mandatory household evacuations, lacks teeth.  Yes, the Hound is sending a message, but at least we won’t be dealing with gnaw marks (yet).  3) Henry is not trying to eat Oscar’s tail.  I’ve found that a five month old will attempt to stuff anything he can lift into his mouth, and the little guy has a good grip.  If he’d gotten a hold of the dog’s tail, the resulting shock and chaos could’ve led to one of those aforementioned household decampments.  4)  The baby doesn’t care.  Passive aggressive behavior is lost on children, so the little one was thrilled when Oscar plopped down.  Indeed, Oscar is a significant point of interest for Henry, and the simple presence of the Dachshund sparks belly laughs from the (second) shortest member of our family.

That’s it!  A day in the life of a farm Dachshund.

Happy Friday!

Farm Dog Friday