Farm Dog Friday!!

It's Farm Dog Friday!!

We did it. We got one. It's over. Whew.

The perfect tree: too tall for our living room ceiling, too fat for our living room floor space, too far from any road to consider motorized transportation, and too wild for any tree lot. It's a beaut!

Oscar likes to predict the exact location our tree will fall so he can stand on the spot and experience a literal crush of the Christmas experience. Once extracted from beneath the limbs pinning his belly to the ground, our favorite hound performs an exhaustive search of the horizontal pine to ensure it is free of rodents and, thus, fit for transport back to the house. It's good to have help.

Our tree is up and covered in lights. The final step to satisfy Dachshund requirements is to ensure placement of every ornament bearing Oscar's likeness. We have a lot of them. Such a task might take most of the month. Wish us well.

Happy Friday, everyone!