Farm Dog Friday!!!


I forgot Oscar in the attic.


The storage space, you see, is the Hound's favorite place in the house, so it was business as usual during a recent decluttering extravaganza when I hauled the little dog up the ladder with me. With Oscar trotting around upstairs I lugged several gigantic pieces of baby handling equipment through the hole in our ceiling, then clambered around to drag the contraptions inch by inch into the dark recesses of the loft. By the time everything was situated my knees were scuffed and bruised and dust clung to every inch of my clothing. I was ready to be done. Without pause I turned off the light, scrambled down the ladder, folded it back into place, and headed for the office to busy myself before more junk could be unearthed from a closet.

A reasonably long period of time passed before Gina walked in and pulled my attention away from the business plan I was studying.

"There is some REALLY big animal clawing around in our attic!" she announced, looking worried.

Ding. That would be our dog. Whoops.

Oscar wasn't thrilled with me. His fur was sticking everywhere and he headed straight for the kitchen to wait for compensatory snacks. Since 'The Incident', the Dachshund hasn't shown so much as a whiff of interest in the attic, and I'm not sure he'll ever trust me around stairs or a ladder again, regardless of location.

I'm really hoping that, since the dog doesn't have to go in the attic any more, I won't have to, either. Wishful thinking, I'm afraid.

Happy Friday, everyone! Eat local BEEF this weekend!