5 Tips to Thrive at a Farmer’s Market

It’s becoming increasingly easy to do our preliminary shopping at a Farmer’s Market before heading to the grocer to fill in the remainder of our list.  These days it seems everyone is seeking better food, and small towns and big cities across our state are responding to the need by clearing out unused lots or offering up green parks to act as meeting places for growers and their customers.

When the topic of buying local is breached in conversation and examined on media outlets, a newcomer to the honest food movement might feel that she is the last person on the planet who hasn’t purchased groceries from a farmer’s market; everyone claims to be an expert who bought local before it was cool.  Reality, as it always does, tells a different story: through my years behind the table, I’ve watched a lot of ‘the experts’ flounder when they encounter a direct marketing environment.  It’s safe to say, despite the hype, that most people are still awfully uncomfortable walking into a food gathering in hopes of filling their pantry for the week.

In this series we’ll review my tips to thrive at a farmers market, suggestions born from a decade of observations made while selling beef to a growing number of people in towns and cities across our region.Your newfound confidence will result in a joyous buying experience and some of the best meals your family will ever have. Stay tuned!