Wonderful Wednesday! The best day to live in Clarion...

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Happy Wednesday!!

The best day to live in Clarion

Look at that: It's all downhill to the weekend! When Friday rolls around, you don't want to be zigzagging across the county trying to collect ingredients for weekend meals, do you? NO! That's why you need to do your planning and shopping today at the Beef Barn.

Indeed, Wednesdays are the best day to live in Clarion because we re-stock our coolers with all of your favorite cuts of beef. There's nothing shady about this business: we raise it, we sell it, you can purchase with peace of mind. Very cool.

Are you ready for a curve ball? Little Sprouts Produce is back in the news! Throughout the growing season these guys were working behind the scenes freezing sweet corn. Bushels of the summer treat were cut, bagged, and frozen for our enjoyment during the dormant months! If you didn't get a chance to store any corn for the winter, this is the opportunity of 2018 to get stocked up for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and lots of warm meals in between. Look for the sweet corn freezer in the Beef Barn today while you're shopping!

Don't waste your weekend rounding up ingredients, and don't settle for food with questionable origins. Today is the day to plan ahead and visit the farm!

See you at the Beef Barn!

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