Saturdays in the Strip!


Gosh, here we are on Saturday, just in time for a Nor'easter! You know what this day needs? A positive spin on it. Certainly that won't be coming from the drama mongers on the weather reports, so leave it to your local farmer:

First, it's a fact that coming into your house after being cold and wet is far more gratifying than simply staying inside. Second, cooking in cool weather is far more pleasant because the warm smells work in unison with grey clouds and colored leaves. Third: most any retailer you buy food from is selling you words, and the products are secondary. They hope using proper lingo will do the work for them, but many are not concerned with actually embracing what they claim. In other words, that local beef might be local simply because of the label.

Buying directly from the farm eliminates concerns with authenticity because we don't just use the right words, we live them! There's your reason to get out of the house: we're making the long trip so you have just a short one, and this is your chance to get what you really want for the week ahead.

We’re set up on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets, right beside Bar Marco, from 9-12!

Here's what's headed your way:


chip steak 4

chuck eye 6

eye of round 2

filet 4 medallion

flank 5

flat iron 4

New York strip 5

porterhouse 3

ribeye 6

round steak 3

sirloin 6

skirt 6

t-bone 5


arm 1

brisket 1 half 1 whole

chuck 4

eye of round 2

London broil 2

rolled rump 2

tip roast 2

Ground beef

80/20 ground beef

90/10 ground beef

1/4# patties

Odds and Ends

ox tail 3

stew meat 5

That's it! We're here with Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats, and, yes, this really is the coolest part of the Strip.