Take-out Tuesday!

Being a small business that produces food, we have the distinct privilege of getting to know small businesses that cook food. These restaurants are owned and operated by exceptional examples of humanity, and we can’t say enough good about them.

As a matter of fact, we don’t say enough good about them. Busy restaurateurs rarely take time to think about anything other than cooking, but these folks go the extra mile and commit to forming relationships with farmers instead of food companies. Their effort should be recognized in the form of our patronage of their businesses.

Hence, each Tuesday will be deemed ‘Take-Out Tuesday,’ and we’ll feature a restaurant that features Clarion Farms Beef on their menu. Use this as your date night cheat sheet to make choosing the right restaurant quick and easy.

This week our featured restaurant is Yinzburgh BBQ on Baum Boulevard in Pittsburgh. If you live in Shadyside, Oakland, or Bloomfield, you’re darn close, and if you‘re located farther away it’s worth the drive for some excellent short ribs. Richard and his crew will welcome you with their smiling faces and hospitality, and then they’ll blow your mind with some excellent barbecue. Find more information at yinzburgbbq.com.

Thanks for supporting the folks who support us!