Farm Dog Friday!

It’s Farm Dog Friday!!

Jealousy can be an ugly thing.  And there are few creatures more jealous than a Dachshund in the proximity of an infant.

Don’t get me wrong, Oscar doesn’t particularly care to be noticed; he simply prefers, should attention be handed out, that all of it is directed towards him, not a baby.  Simple, right?

Wrong.  The Hound has identified critical moments throughout the day during which he can operate without repercussion to exact revenge on Gina and I for expanding our family.  Diaper changes are his favorite: Oscar’s ears perk up when an eruption roars through the house, and he readies himself for action.  As soon as we’re elbow deep in – well, you know – the little dog leaps into the toy basket, gnawing and pulling to extract one of Henry’s stuffed animals.  Verbal protests from occupied humans pass through his ears unnoticed as the little legs churn down our hall with prized toy in tow.  The race is on to see if those long jaws can successfully disembowel Teddy before the baby is cleaned and re-wrapped in protective coverings.

I have to brag a little: we’re getting pretty quick.  Operating like a NASCAR pit crew, Gina and I have the little one into the pits and back out on the track in record time these days, often sufficiently fast to rescue the distressed plush animal from our ferocious pooch, who hears our approach and hides.

Yes, allocating attention is tough, but we’re making progress.  Truth be told, I think Oscar is in the game for sport these days, not revenge.  Whatever his motive, he’s persistent, and diaper time is an event that quickens the heart of everyone in our family.

Happy Friday, everyone!