Saturday in the Strip!


Did you see? The powers that be have deemed today 'Small Business Saturday.' Isn't that cute? It's as though acknowledging something other that Hostess for one day will pour bounty across the landscape, sustaining the 'little guy' for the other 364 days. Ha!

If you're reading this, you know better, because our customers shop small business every day. You don't need a hashtag to responsibly direct your dollars. Go, YOU!

We're in the Strip today from 9-12 with our friends Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats. You'll find us on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets right beside the extraordinary Bar Marco. Our coolers are full, and I know you're tired of stuffing balls.

Here's what's headed your way:


chip steak 1

chuck eye 5

eye of round 3

filet 4 medallion 1 whole

flank 4

flat iron 3

hanger 2

New York strip 1

petite tender 4

porterhouse 4

ribeye 7

round steak 4

sirloin 7

skirt 4

t-bone 4


arm 1

brisket 1 whole

chuck 5

English 1

eye of round 1

London broil 1

rolled rump 2

tip 2

Ground beef

80/20 ground beef

90/10 ground beef

1/4# patties

1/3# patties

Odds and Ends

bones 2 bags

liver 2

ox tail 2

short ribs 3 racks

stew meat 5

See you in the Strip!