It's Farm Dog Friday!!


And Oscar is suspicious. No, he's beyond suspicious; the Hound is overwhelmed with certainty: The Christmas Creep is real.

The Creep isn't a gangly weirdo looking in your window during the holidays. It's a phenomenon Oscar has been tracking with some interest since he's lived with us: Christmas starts just a little bit earlier with every update of the calendar.

Last year he is certain Thanksgiving recovery time lasted two weeks. In 2016 that fat belly enjoyed a glorious three weeks of respite before another holiday appeared on the horizon. But this year? We're barely a week from the big feast and poor Oscar was plucked from beneath his blanket to look for a dang tree.

The stress is getting to him. That little mind is still foggy from turkey overload, yet he has to make a decision on which tree is best for the living room. It's a big deal: limbs must provide acceptable clearance for Dachshund presents, yet offer numerous hanging locations for our burgeoning collection of wiener dog ornaments. Everybody knows if the dog ain't happy, ain't nobody happy, so the tree has to be good.

Wish us luck this year, friends. Little Henry has no idea what all the fuss is about, Oscar is worried, and I am tasked with transportation as we search the farm for just the right evergreen. It's a good thing we have Gina; she can organize the whole crowd and add some much needed spirit to our lives.

I'll let you know if the tree is dead before the 25th.

Happy Friday!