Saturday in the Strip!


After Thanksgiving, a friend lamented to me that her farm raised 'fresh' turkey ordered through the local butcher was nothing more than an unfrozen industrial bird.  That's not what she had in mind from the small-town meat shop!  Guess what?  The same thing happens with beef: just because it's ordered fresh from the meat market does not ensure the beef's credentials are in order. Regulations have become so oppressive that most small meat packers simply succumb to buying meats from 'safe', government approved mega-packers. Consider that reality the next time you encounter food safety legislation; the biggest of the big can afford to pay up, and the small businesses get wiped out. Salvation by legislation is a farce; personal discernment can repopulate our food system.

How do you guarantee the provenance of your favorite steak? Want to impress your guests with source verification of your sous vide stew meat? Your kid loves hamburgers - what's in that ground beef?  Get it from the Beef Barn!  We don't sell it if we didn't raise it.  Fact.

We're in the Strip today from 9-12 on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets. Look for Bar Marco; our tent is right beside this exemplary dining establishment (you should eat there). Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats will grace us with their presence, too, offering their full range of pork and chicken. Good food starts at the source, and the source is in your neighborhood today!


Here's what's headed your way:



chip steak 3

chuck eye 4

eye of round 3

filet 4 medallion 1 whole

flank 5

flat iron 4

hanger 2

New York strip 4

petite tender 4

porterhouse 5

ribeye 3

round steak 4

sirloin 6

skirt 6

t-bone 4



arm 1

brisket 1 whole 2 half

chuck 4

English 1

London broil 1

rolled rump 2

tip 2


Ground beef

80/20 ground beef

1/4# patties

1/3# patties


Odds and Ends

bones 3 bags

liver 2

ox tail 2

short ribs 3 racks

stew meat 2


See you in the Strip!