Farm Dog Friday!

HARUMPH. Snort. Snort. SIGH.

Innumerable sounds emanated from beneath the heaped comforter. Oscar was awake, and his instinct told him something terrible had happened outside. With an abrupt expulsion of air, the little dog made known his intent to remain inside and out of the snow. It's easier to pee the bed until warmer weather arrives next June.

The rest of our household disagreed with his dampening decision, and the Hound was extracted from the warm lair situated beneath JC Penny's Bedding Mountain. We chucked him outside and poor Oscar looked with disdain at the white coating that had taken over his precious sun porch. It's going to be a LONG winter for the little guy.

On the bright side, the concentration of holidays this time of year means additional Dachshund snacks in the form of table scraps, so he can pile on a good layer of blubber that will help keep his tiny bones warm in the worst snowstorms. Dachshunds like snacks more than they hate snow, that's a fact. In short, we're confident our favorite canine will pull through the season. For now, though, he's brooding in bed.

Happy Friday, everyone!