Saturday in the Strip!


Every year the Saturday before Christmas is a complete madhouse in the Strip. I think the entire western half of the state piles into Pittsburgh for their once-yearly excursion targeting something good to eat. Parking is tough, gawkers are everywhere, and movement is difficult.

Do you want to know the best part about all that commotion? It's NEXT weekend. Ha!

Today you're probably safe from the ruckus, and fresh-frozen beef like ours will happily stay in your freezer from now until your guests arrive. Are you planning a party? Sliders are always a hit. Use ground beef, or chip steak, or skirt steak for the perfect mini sandwich. Friends coming for dinner? Serve them something special - not just any old steak, but a Clarion Farms steak. They'll be impressed.

We're on Penn Avenue from 9-12 today between 22 and 23 Streets directly beside the magnificent Bar Marco. My favorite aspect of the day is that Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats is there, too, so you can pick out some excellent pork and chicken from their farm to round out your dining pleasures. Saturdays in the Strip from 9-12 are awesome, because awesome farms come to the Strip on Saturdays.

See you there!