Saturday in the Strip!


It's over! The chaos is over. Well, technically New Year's still has to happen, but let's all be honest with each other: New Year celebrations are only exciting when you're sixteen with a case of beer acquired from your older brother's-friend's-dad's-cousin's-neighbor named Earl. It's all pretty boring after that.

Anyhow, we'll set ruminations of the past aside and talk about something that's good regardless of the year: BEEF! I have full coolers of our favorite cuts and I'm headed your way this morning.

Find me beside the extraordinary Bar Marco between 22 and 23 Streets on Penn Avenue - look for our blue tent and sign. I'll be there with my friends Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats from 9-12. The farms are coming to your city today, and this is one-stop shopping for beef, pork, and chicken! See you there!

Here's what's headed your way:


chip steak 1

chuck eye 5

eye of round 1

filet 1 medallion

flank 4

flat iron 2

hanger 2

New York strip 2

petite tender 2

porterhouse 2

ribeye 2

round steak 1

sirloin 7

skirt 4

t-bone 1

tri-tip 2


arm 2

brisket 1 whole

chuck 4

English 1

eye of round 1

London broil 1

rolled rump 1

tip 2

Ground beef

80/20 ground beef

90/10 ground round

Odds and Ends

bones 1 bags

liver 1

ox tail 3

stew meat 5

See you in the Strip!