Farm Dog Friday!!

It's Farm Dog Friday!!!

Wow. This is twice in a row now the baby and I have made it into FDF. We feel famous.

People regularly ask me if all of the dog's adventures are staged for his weekly spotlight, and the answer is no, Oscar's stories are real. I may ham them up a little for entertainment purposes, but everything that has happened on Farm Dog Friday is grounded in an actual occurrence. Which is why, at times, they're boring.

I've said it a million times - the Hound doesn't do much when it's cold. Sometimes the entertaining things he does do are not captured on camera. There are a multitude of reasons these devoted Dachshund moments may lack anything of extraordinary substance.

So we end up with pictures like this: Henry is chewing on my hat, and the dog is looking dazed in the background. I don't think he even knows he's on camera. But the fact is I don't have anything better for today, so this one counts, right?

Farm Dog Friday: my kid drools on my good hat, and the dog doesn't do anything when it's cold. Fact.

Have a great Friday, everyone!