Take-Out Tuesday! Zack's, New Bethlehem

It's Take-Out-Tuesday!!

Here's where to dine on farm-friendly food this week, and this time it's not just me making the recommendation...

This morning I logged in to my email and was surprised to see the following headline in Pittsburgh Magazine's daily update: 'Why is this food worth a drive to New Bethlehem?'

My eyes almost fell out of my head. Really? New Bethlehem?? This, coming from Hal B. Klein, the guy whose restaurant reviews I've been reading with pleasure since I signed up for The 412...the guy who has dined at some of the most interesting restaurants in Pittsburgh...that guy is recommending people make the drive north to where?

Zack's! How great is that!? Soon after opening his new location, Chef Zack was making a buzz around the area with his exceptional food, and it's great to see him earning some extra recognition that will pull people into our region. Talk about putting your community on the map.

Below is the article link; I'll allow someone with far more experience to review this wonderful restaurant on today's #TakeOutTuesday.


Eat at Zack's this week. We recommend the BEEF!

Note: the photo I used belongs to Erin Kelly.