Get connected at Frozen on the Farm!

We're bundling up and hosting a winter farm tour! The daily activities don't stop around here when the mercury plummets, so we're inviting you to come for a frosty evening of food, information, and relationship building on Saturday, February 23 from 4 pm until dark.

The event kicks off at 4pm in our heated store, the Beef Barn, with a meal featuring Clarion Farms Skirt Steak tacos made by Darren at Daddy's Main Street. John-Scott will lead a discussion about our farm history, current practices, and future plans while you eat. Questions are encouraged; we believe in consumer-food relationships.

After the meal we'll head out to tour both our grain-fed beef production and our grass-fed beef herd. Please note that a driving element is necessary to see the whole farm; we'll travel a short distance to see different herds and compare the two. Guests will have the opportunity to bottle feed a calf on the tour.

We will be outside regardless of the weather: PLEASE DRESS ACCORDING TO THE ELEMENTS, NOT ACCORDING TO FASHION MAGAZINE. The cows don't care if you look cute, but you'll care a lot if you're freezing to death while our family is rambling on about a hay bale.

Tickets are $25 and can be purchased in the Beef Barn during normal business hours and at our stand in Pittsburgh on Saturdays. Only 25 tickets are available. Understand that, while we intend to have fun and laugh, this is not a petting zoo tour for children, it is designed to provide a critical and tangible connections between people and their food.

Questions about the event can be directed through Facebook messenger, email (, and phone (814-221-0219).