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The latest trend: Farm Tours

These days people want proof that the food they’re buying for their family is what is claims to be. The best way to gain such clarity is to come and see it in real life. We’re hosting a discovery tour on June 8!

Here's the schedule! (Details are progressing nicely!)


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Winter Farm Tour: Get out of the house and live a little!

I've been talking with a few people who are getting cabin fever. The winter hasn't been too bad thus far, but early evenings and a lack of activities are really starting to be a drag for everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.

Take hope, friends, because we're hosting a farm tour that will engage your mind, increase your network of local food fanatics, and get you outside!

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Get connected at Frozen on the Farm!

We're bundling up and hosting a winter farm tour! The daily activities don't stop around here when the mercury plummets, so we're inviting you to come for a frosty evening of food, information, and relationship building on Saturday, February 23 from 4 pm until dark.

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