The latest trend: Farm Tours

These days people want proof that the food they’re buying for their family is what is claims to be. The best way to gain such clarity is to come and see it in real life. We’re hosting a discovery tour on June 8!

Here's the schedule! (Details are progressing nicely!)


2:45-3pm Arrive at Clarion Farms Event Barn.

Barn Outside No People.jpg

3pm - 4pm We'll unpack the topic of grassfed beef. What makes grassfed beef special? Does it really matter what a cow consumes? This will be open forum for questions, answers, and discussions.

4pm - 5pm A hay wagon will be at the ready so we can load up and go see the herd. This is real life understanding of the herbivore-forage relationship that is vital for a better tomorrow. Topics will include my favorite things: grass, soil, and cows. This is an excellent opportunity for pictures.


We'll conclude at the Beef Barn store so you may stock up on your favorite cuts of grassfed after you've gotten hungry learning about it.

But, wait! The best is yet to come! We love our town, and we want you to love it, too...

Our friends at Mechanistic Brewing Co. have agreed to offer Clarion Farms Grassfed Beef on their menu as a special celebration of the farm tour. Dinner will be on your own, but this is a great place to continue the conversation of real food over a really good pint. Mechanistic will be the first restaurant to feature 2019 grassfed in Clarion!

Mechanistic Brewing.jpg

Tickets are $10/person at (Ticket does NOT include dinner at Mechanistic.)

Barn. Fields. Brewery. Very cool.