Wednesday: The BEST day to live in Clarion!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!! Man, is it GOOD to have something to celebrate each week. Wednesday used to be so underappreciated.

This particular Wednesday is one of the best Wednesdays of the year, for it arrives just before Memorial Day Weekend!! You need to be GRILLING, friends, and you can either get something that comes from somewhere or you can get something that comes from Clarion Farms. Beware of second hand beef when you're cooking out. We re-stocked with our very own beef today!

What's in the cooler? Here are a few glorious examples:

Extraordinary T-bone steaks. Wow, these are nice today! I can't foresee too many of them sticking around for long, so you better get pointed this direction quickly if you want a pack.


Ribeyes. Wonderful ribeyes. They sell themselves, and then they're so good they usually sell another pack or two. Grilling done right with ribeyes!


Want to switch it up? Hanger steak is the way to go! Did you see Ty's recipe for Hangers and Mash yesterday? Look for the link and try it out. Design your grocery list around the ingredients. Have something deliciously unique for the big picnic day.

Oh, there are some monster fresh briskets, too. Have a smoker? We have something to put in it!

IMG_8067 (1).JPG

We have tons of ground beef, and a nice supply of smoked and sliced brisket bacon that can be finely chopped and added to your burgers for a mindblowing meal. Forget Aunt Louis's baked beans, your brisket bacon burger will be the talk of the party.

Remember jerky and beef sticks while you're spending time outdoors. Everyone has their own jerky recipe, but nobody uses their own beef. Real jerky here!

This list could go on for miles. There are sirloins and strip steaks and London Broils and flank steaks and flat irons. But the point is not the selection, it's that we're facing Memorial Day weekend and we need to be ready!! The beef will go fast, so you better drive faster. Ha!