Grassfed Beef coming June 8!


Our 2019 Grassfed Beef Release will be Saturday, June 8!

What's a beef release? It's our version of celebrating the availability of a specialty, limited run option for everyone who may be interested. Starting the 8th until supplies run out, everyone interested in pure grassfed beef will be able to purchase it at the Beef Barn and any of our remote delivery locations.

Why would anyone consider grassfed? Because this style of beef solves a lot of problems:

Are you concerned about GMOs? They're not an issue, because these animals are only eating grasses that have never been modified. No. Grain. Ever. Neat.

Have you been reading about bacterial antibiotic resistance? It stems from overusing drugs in humans and food producing animals. Grass is such a good source of nourishment for these animals that they do not get sick; they are never medicated or vaccinated. You're getting food that is completely free from medical manipulation. Healthy food = healthy you.

Is protection of the environment something that is dear to your heart? Herbivores and forage are the perfect symbiotic relationship for environmental enhancement. Grain-free beef is a far better food for our planet than any veggie burger. Fact.

Interested? Come see the farm during our Grassfed Gadabout, then stock up on real grassfed beef before you head home! Details and tickets at