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Shepherd's pies, skirt steak, and grassfed beef!

In a world plagued by constricted beef options, where steaks from across the country are mutually interchangeable because they share a common industrial template, our farm is the beacon for better eating. EVERYONE sells 'fresh meat', but NOBODY has their own cattle. Where, then, does their beef come from?

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Wednesday: The BEST day to live in Clarion!

Wednesdays are our favorite because this is the day we re-stock to Beef Barn with piles of our highly coveted steaks, roasts, and ground beef. It's not just a small blip on the radar; Dad hauls full pickup loads of our community minded BEEF back from the abattoir every week.

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The latest trend: Farm Tours

These days people want proof that the food they’re buying for their family is what is claims to be. The best way to gain such clarity is to come and see it in real life. We’re hosting a discovery tour on June 8!

Here's the schedule! (Details are progressing nicely!)


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