Shepherd's pies, skirt steak, and grassfed beef!

HAPPY WEDNESDAY!!!! Wednesdays are the BEST day to live in Clarion, because this is the day we re-stock the Beef Barn with steaks, roasts, and ground beef raised with y-o-u in mind. We raise it all. We sell it all. Period.


In a world plagued by constricted beef options, where steaks from across the country are mutually interchangeable because they share a common industrial template, our farm is the beacon for better eating. EVERYONE sells 'fresh meat', but NOBODY has their own cattle. Where, then, does their beef come from?

You, dear friends, never have to ask such a question, and that's why our customers are the most confident people in Clarion.

Here's what is extra exciting today:


Prohibition Pastries has raised the bar! Eliza introduced her first-ever Shepherd's Pie for customers in Clarion, and it's made with Clarion Farms ground beef. We're completely stocked with these homemade, ready-to-eat meal options, including the ever popular Steak & Stout Gravy and Steak & Red Wine pies. Three to choose from, one awesome bakery.


Skirt steak is back by popular demand. Are you thinking Fajitas? This cut will be your best friend.


Grassfed, get your grassfed! It's my favorite season of the year, because the evenings are long for grilling and the freezers are full of this unique seasonal offering. Buy by the piece, or stock up with an armload of your favorites, because supplies are limited. If you can't find what you're looking for, ASK!

Of course, there is more excitement here than just these three snippets, but you'll have to come out and investigate for yourself.

See you at the farm!