Farm Dog Friday!!!

It's Farm Dog Friday!!

Yeah, it had to be done: the aptly named portrait 'Dachshund in a New Year.' That sounds like something you'd see in a contemporary art gallery, doesn't it?

Of course, EVERYONE is posting about what's going to be what in 2019, and, though we try to avoid simply going with the crowd, it's impossible to flip into a new year without taking a picture of the hateful little dog (who was sleeping moments before the camera came out) we all love.

This shot was risky: just off camera is a large piece of pork, designated as the official distraction piece to prevent gnashing of teeth and human injury when Oscar's headband was put into place. The event was well choreographed: headband on, take the picture, headband off, administer snack, stuff dog back under blanket. Believe it or not, he was asleep again in just a few moments. To this day, Oscar probably thinks the 'New Year' picture was just a bad dream.

With years of experience under our belts, this family is getting pretty good at dog wrangling. Here's to the upcoming year of Farm Dog Friday!

Have a great day!