Happy Wednesday! Start the year off with a Sirloin.

Happy Wednesday!!!

We're a little out of whack today, as the New Year holiday at the beginning of the week threw our schedule off for the rest of it. We have some beef, glorious beef in stock right now, but our weekly re-stock will not occur until tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, sirloin lovers, rejoice! There is quite a stockpile of this popular steak in the freezer at the moment, so January will prove to be an excellent time to transfer a few of these unsung delicacies into your personal collection.

Don't like sirloin? Then you haven't tried ours. Tender, delicious, versatile, and excellent for steak night at home, these large cuts work well for a crowd. Cook them just like a ribeye (on the grill or in cast iron) and serve with your favorite sides for best results. Dress it up with a pat of garlic butter, slice it up as an addition to a favorite dish, or go pure and unfettered by devouring the beef without seasoning while standing over the kitchen sink...your house, your rules, but no matter what, a sirloin steak will be just right.

Have a great day, and we'll see you at the Beef Barn!