Farm Dog Friday!!



Oscar's winter routine, if he were left to follow his own free will, would be to wake up between 11:30 and noon, stagger down the hall to the office, pee on the floor near a nice, warm heat run, and stop by his feed dish to check for snacks before returning to bed for a nap. Much later in the afternoon, he might consider a trip outside to check for rabbits (that he never comes close to catching.)

Unfortunately for the little dog, that isn't how it works out. Instead he's jostled and awakened when the baby wakes up and wants fed. Shortly thereafter the Hound is hustled to the door and ejected from the house, bleary eyed and rapidly losing body heat that was amplified to near-stifling levels under his blanket. Common at our house is the sight of Oscar standing in the yard with his ears flapping in the wind as the first light brightens our surroundings. He never looks too thrilled to know us.

It's tough being a Dachshund in Pennsylvania during the cold months of the year. Before we know it, though, spring will be here and everyone, including the dog, will want to be outside from sunup until sundown. Then, friends, the game changes: Oscar won't come in the house because he knows a bath is required upon entry.

Seasonal dynamics. A farm dog's worst enemy.

Happy Friday, everyone! Eat BEEF this weekend!