We dodged a wind storm!

Of all the outdoor elements, wind is by far my least favorite. The invisible force sneaks in through clothing to freeze a coat's occupant to the bone, pushes trees and limbs onto the ground and into inconvenient places, makes miserable even the most basic of tasks, and blows away my notebook papers when I stop in the field to jot down an order for the week. Indeed, wind and frustration must be cousins, because they always show up together.

Which is why we're relieved the gusts didn't start rolling through on Saturday for our Winter Farm Tour. Only a small number of brave souls dared to face February outdoors, and we had a very excellent evening discussing beef, small business, and the future. Yes, it was cold. And yes, it's important to BE cold once in a while, as long as you're learning. Food is still produced when the weather has everyone seeking a blanket and a Netflix marathon; this was a chance to look, ask questions, and explain. It didn't hurt that Daddy's Main Street makes a mean Skirt Steak taco!

Huge thanks to everyone who attended. Your curiosity fuels our future! #DestinationClarion