Beef Jerky, Clarion Farms Style!


Wednesdays are the BEST day to live in Clarion, because this is the day we re-stock the Beef Barn with some very unique beef.

Today is extra exciting. Why? WE HAVE BEEF JERKY!!!



Yes indeed, for the first time ever you can get a really great snack for the road that isn't made from old stank cows floated in from the other side of the globe. This is premium whole-muscle jerky crafted out of top round from our cattle, period. But wait, there's more...


Beef Sticks! Both pepperoni and mild pepper are available for now (recommended highly by the crew at Cunningham's), and they're made out of the same cuts you trust in our ground beef. No more of the proverbial pulverized lips and...well, you now. Clarion Farms Beef Sticks are made from really good pieces of Clarion Farms Beef. That's simple enough.


We also have HOT DOGS!! (or wieners...yeah, yeah...laugh now, but you can be sure our favorite wiener dog will be the official spokesman of Clarion Farms Beef Wieners. Success is obvious). If you can't get your kid to eat anything but a dog, stop worrying about the provenance of the ingredients. These are from a farm you're familiar with.


Last but not least, SMOKED BRISKET BACON. Let me say that again: SMOKED BRISKET BACON. Yep. Get up off the floor. It's true. This stuff is awesome...if you've ever wanted good brisket but you don't know how to prepare it, this is the place to start. Fry it in a pan, put it in ham and bean soup, use it on a burger. The list is endless.

Oh, hey, we also have all of the fresh cuts you know and love, too. This is it friends: the day local food happens in Clarion. Be excited.

See you at the farm!