Saturday in the Strip!


Here we are again: the end of the week and time for a rendezvous in the Strip District. I can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday! We're in our usual spot beside the extraordinary Bar Marco on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets from 9-12, joined by Gruber Farms with their pork and chicken. This is the best part of the food district!

Our beef jerky launch this week caused WAY more of an uproar than I expected; my phone has been buzzing away with requests. Rest assured that I'm bringing a little of everything (jerky, beef sticks, hot dogs, and beef bacon), so if you want to give something a try I'll be well prepared.

Don't forget in the frenzy that our coolers are full of some excellent steaks, roasts, and ground beef, too. We want to make sure you still are protecting the art of cooking at home through the week, and savagely gnawing on a beef stick while watching Netflix doesn't count.

Here's what's headed your way:


chip steak 3

chuck eye 2

cubed steak 2

eye of round 2

filet 2 medallion

flank 4

flat iron 6

hanger 4

petite tender 1

porterhouse 5

ribeye 3

sirloin 6

skirt 7

t-bone 4


arm 2

brisket 2 half 1 whole

chuck 6

English 2

eye of round 2

London broil 1

rolled rump 2

tip 2

Ground beef

80/20 ground beef

90/10 ground round

Odds and Ends

liver 2

ox tail 1

short ribs 5

stew meat 6

That's it! See you in the Strip!