It's Farm Dog Friday!!



If you do the math, Oscar's 'energy burned per foot of travel' quotient is extremely high. Lacking the gift of long legs and unable to slither like a snake, the Hound churns those little appendages as fast as he can go, and they move a LOT in a short distance. It's like watching a NASCAR trying to drive on four spare tires: lots of noise and commotion, but it's not going fast.

Needless to say, a byproduct of his inefficiency is an extraordinary predilection for vehicular transportation. Like the wiener dog version of The Jetsons, cars whisk Oscar around the farm at lightning speed and deposit him at all of his favorite locations (my parents' house, mostly, for snacks). This Dachshund gets fired up for a car ride.

A car ride with the whole family, however, takes the cake. He can look out the window and give kisses to the passenger and someone is there to catch him when he gets too wound up and falls off of his armrest 'seat'.

Oscar + car rides + family = happy dog.

The simple things, you know, are the best.

Happy Friday, everyone! Eat BEEF this weekend!!