It's Farm Dog Friday!!



Oscar loves to help around the house. When we're not paying attention, he helps clean dishes that are covered with unsightly food; indeed, they're spotless when we return our attention to the meal. When the baby needs changed, he helps remove distractions from the room by hauling every stuffed toy out into the hallway. At bedtime, the fearless Hound checks under the crib for monsters, and so focused is his commitment to any threat that he bites hands trying to remove him from beneath the frame. He has helped empty garbage cans and the compost bucket, distributing contents evenly across the floor so we can check for valuables that might have been inadvertently tossed, and he even helps get Henry ready for roadtrips by grabbing and organizing hats, blankets, and coats.

Recently the Dachshund's enthusiasm was so tremendous we decided he might want to wear the hat he was eating (yes, it was supposed to be on Henry). We were wrong. Apparently small dogs don't like baby hats with fox ears. Those eyes say it all: Get. This. Off. Me.

Interestingly, Oscar hasn't been too helpful with infant insulation since the fashion show. Now he sits just out of reach and hums at us to hurry up and put him in the car. I don't know what changed.

Happy Friday, everyone! Eat BEEF this weekend!