Saturday in the Strip!


It's Saturday, and we're bringing the farm to your city today from 9-12 on Penn Avenue between 22 and 23 Streets beside the extraordinary Bar Marco. Out good friends at Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats will be there, too. All we need to complete the loop is YOU!


And, trust me, you're an important part of the process. Do you realize how much your food buying decisions impact everything around you? Purchasing second-hand beef opens the door for carelessness. Cheap and thoughtless buying decisions don't just affect the quality of food you are eating, they affect the entire mindset of buyers, which creates a host of problems too numerous to list. Suffice it to say that you won't find a customer of our farm tossing trash into the road ditch, because a customer of our farm values their surroundings, as indicated by the deliberate effort to seek first-hand food. That commitment to visit us this morning influences the mindset of food production. You're a leader, whether you realize it or not. Applause. (Makes a steak sandwich taste pretty darn good, huh?)

Here is what's headed your way today:

(Really Good) Snacks




chipped steak 2

chuck eye 5

cubed steak 1

eye of round 1

filet 1 medallions

flank 3

flat iron 3

hanger 2

porterhouse 5

ribeye 6

round steak 1

sirloin 7

strip steaks 3

t-bone 2


arm 3

brisket 1 half, 1 SMOKED

chuck 2

English 1

eye of round 2

London Broil 3

rolled rump 2

tip 2

Odds and Ends

heart 1

liver 2

ox tail 1

short ribs 7

stew meat 5

That's it! See you in the Strip!