Take Out Tuesday: Zack's, New Bethlehem

It's Take-out Tuesday!

Tuesdays are the day to decide where you'll be eating through the week, and this is the page to check when making the decision: we'll feature a farm friendly restaurant that offers Clarion Farms Beef on their menu. 

Zack’s in New Bethlehem presents guests with one of the widest menu selections of local food in our area.  Chef Zack walks the walk when it comes to farm relationships, and his commitment pays off: we keep hearing about him via voluntary rave reviews from almost everyone we talk to.  The guy is making waves.

Families gather together this time of year, and, if yours is anything like ours, you like to head out and eat as a group to collectively share a fun experience.  Zack’s should definitely be a waypoint in your travels.  Burgers find their origin at our farm, and watch for rotating specials featuring other cuts of beef (Chef Zack likes to freestyle, so there isn’t a set beef option.)

Local food economies flourish when awesome people support restaurants dedicated to the cause.  Thank you for choosing better food!