Wednesday at the Farm! The BEST day to live in Clarion.

Just in time for Thanksgiving...

It's Wednesday!!

And we have apple-whiskey pies from Prohibition Pastries. The apples were grown on our farm and carefully picked at peak ripeness, then hauled to the bake shop to be transformed into extraordinary goodness by our friend Eliza. There are six small and two large pies; one just might have your name on it. (Eliza would've made more, but I sold most of the apples before she got her hands on them. Apparently people like unadulterated food.)

Gruber Farms Pasture Raised Meats is in the house today from 12-5 with a huge selection of their pastured pork and chicken. Gina and I cooked chops last night, and every time we have them I say they're the best pork chops I've ever eaten. Want that experience? Get to the Beef Barn today.

Little Sprouts Produce is almost out of frozen sweet corn. If you think Thanksgiving should celebrate the precious bounty of your region instead of industrial surplus food, this is where you want to shop. Remember, Christmas isn't too far off, either, so maybe you want to grab a bag for that occasion, too.

And beef, glorious beef. We restock today, so stop in and find just what you're looking for. Oh, did I mention Christmas? It's coming. You better order that Prime Rib today!!

That's it! We'll see you at the farm!