It's Farm Dog Friday!!

Just when he started thinking life would return to normal...

The baby got wheels.

It's Farm Dog Friday, and Oscar is terrified. Up until recently the biggest threat he faced in our house was the lighted, noisy, and intrusive device known as a vacuum. The dawn carries with it a new, far more sinister foe in the battle against Dachshund home security: a wheeled cart for infants.

Time and circumstance certainly can change a dog's perspective; these days the vacuum is a friendly reminder of a simpler era when relocation to a different room provided sanctuary from the torments of coexistence with humans. Now, with Henry mobile and fascinated with everything Oscar does, no room is safe. The pursuit is slow - the baby scoots along and crashes frequently - but relentless, and the Hound can read the writing on the wall: this is only going to get worse. Oh, dear.

The good news for Oscar is he's still able to fit under the couch in his private foxhole typically reserved to avoid reproach after dismantling the garbage can. From the low den he is able to watch as little feet pushing little wheels traverse the floor in search of their favorite victim...

Happy Friday, everyone!