How to shop when it's freezing.

What the heck happened to fifty degrees? Oh, it's January. That's what happened.

If you're shopping in Clarion, the Beef Barn is warm and well stocked. Come in, thaw out, and pick up something for a meal that will make this weekend special.

If you're planning on shopping in Pittsburgh this Saturday, however, our amenities are a little more lacking. The tent isn't heated and, if it does anything at all, I think it makes the wind worse. So we'll all be cold in the Strip District. Very cold. To spare yourself from frostbite, consider ordering everything you want ahead of time so it's all ready to go when you stop by our stand. My frozen fingers will thank you.

How do you order? Easy!

By phone: 814-221-0219

By email:

On Facebook via direct message.

Stay warm, friends, and eat BEEF!