Wednesday at the Beef Barn!

Happy Wednesday!!!

Wednesdays are the BEST day to live in Clarion, because this is the day we re-stock the Beef Barn with beef, glorious beef. Here's what we're excited about today:

Chuck Eye steaks: These have been a work in progress, and the guys at Cunningham's have nailed it this week. Thick cut, tender, and oh-so flavorful, our current stock of chuck eyes are substantial enough for an excellent steak dinner. Chuck Eyes find their origin at the fifth rib of a steer.

Sirloin steaks: EVERYONE says they're not a fan of sirloin. We say they haven't tried ours. Unlike the flavorless, boneless options in the grocery store, we leave the whole steak intact to include a small bone and several different muscle textures and flavors. They're great for a crowd!

Shanks: Rich, flavorful, excellent for osso bucco, equally excellent to slow cook and shred for tacos, equally excellent for beef and vegetable soup, equally excellent to serve with vegetables as a mini personal get the idea. Shank is versatile. And delicious. And hard to find. We have it today!

We believe eating well and buying local should be easy. That's why our family commits to keeping fresh steaks, roasts, and ground beef available to everyone in Clarion. Remember: everything we sell was raised on our farm. You won’t find a middle man anywhere around here!

Small town revitalization is as easy as visiting the farm!

See you at the Beef Barn!