It's Farm Dog Friday!!


I have to admit, it's getting a little tough to keep track of our increasing number of floor creatures. For years Oscar was King of everything at or below the thirteen inch mark in our home: his toys, chair legs, food when it falls, socks, and the occasional human when Gina and I chose to stretch out at Hound level.

These days we spend a lot more time on the floor with the baby, and Oscar, who is still overseer of his terrain, uses each opportunity to get his belly rubbed. Indeed, we're getting good at using one hand to tend the baby and another to pet the Dachshund (it's a skill that mandates practice as your brain is forced to perform two tasks at once.) If we ignore the little dog for too long he grabs Henry's pant leg and attempts to drag the infant under the table so we can no longer see the object of our distraction, thus allowing for more time to pet the dog.

I can't wait until summer when we can just throw everyone outside.

Happy Friday, everyone!