Happy Wednesday! The BEST day to live in Clarion.


Wednesdays are the BEST day to live in Clarion because real food gets rolling at the Beef Barn. Here is what we're excited about on this rainy day:



Glorious Beef

BEEF! Glorious beef. We re-stock our coolers with fresh cuts from our farm for your family every Wednesday. The biggest and best selection is available to you right now, so decide what you want to cook this weekend and head out to the farm. You'll be glad you did your planning today, trust me.

Prohibition Pastries Pies.jpg

Pot Pies

From Prohibition Pastries

Yes! They're back! Prohibition Pastries famous handmade Beef Bourguignon and Steak and Stout pot pies are back. These babies are perfect to pop in the oven on an evening when you don't have time to cook. NEW from the bakery are Steak and Stout Hand Pies for on-the-go goodness (I see these being an excellent breakfast choice.) As expected, everything is made with Clarion Farms Beef!

Fox Farms Buckwheat Flour

Raw Buckwheat Flour

From Fox Farms in Tintown

Fox Farms Buckwheat Flour: Grown and milled in Tintown PA by Keaton and his family of four, this raw buckwheat flour is perfect for pancakes, bread, and baking. Put a bag in your freezer and get ready to fire up the griddle for breakfast!

The value of a dollar multiplies each time it cycles through your community. Friends, you have the ultimate control over where your food dollars travel - do you want to send them out of town to a global headquarters, or loop them through Clarion on a small business circuit? If you follow our farm and you're reading this message today, I strongly suspect you choose the latter...

See you at the Beef Barn!