Here is where to eat this week: It's Take-Out Tuesday!!

Here is where you should eat this week: It’s Take-Out Tuesday!!

Prohibition Pastries is located at 7105 Reynolds St in Pittsburgh, and the shop is on my ‘absolutely worth the trip’ list for the city.  Owner Eliza and her crew turn out an enormous selection of bread, pastries, cookies, cakes, and lunch options; in other words, whether you’re seeking to satisfy a sweet tooth or looking for lunch that isn’t served through a window in less than two minutes, you’ll find what you want.  Beef in Prohibition Pastries Steak and Stout and Beef Bourguignon pot pies comes from our farm in Clarion (of course!), and the homemade ready-to-eat meals are a huge hit at the Beef Barn (yes, you can get pot pies without driving to Pittsburgh!)  I also recommend the ham, fig, and cheese hand pies, which are available in Pittsburgh only.

The cool thing about money in a local economy is that it keeps going around and around, re-used by different businesses within the network and benefiting each one. By supporting each of the restaurants that support our farm, you’re impacting a large number of awesome people with just a few dollars. Put Prohibition Pastries in your phone and save the address. Visit the next time you’re in Pittsburgh. And, yes, I’ll forgive you if you choose a ham and fig pie over BEEF. Ha!