Beef Tasting Clarion Farms Style!

We did a little beef comparison yesterday with our friends Ty and Liz of Ty Kepler Photography fame.

Beef Comparison Raw w Bread.jpg

Ok, it wasn't really a 'little' was a carnivore's dream.

On the menu: 1 Clarion Farms Grass Fed London Broil directly compared to 1 Clarion Farms Grain Fed London Broil, plus a Sous Vide chuck roast from The CrossRhoads Farm and a smoked beef heart on the side for good measure. It was just about enough for four people.

Beef Comparison on Platter.jpg

What sparked this get together? Some planning for the upcoming year, that's all. When you have gifted friends, the best thing to do is invite them in and turn them loose with their creativity. We're not made to go through life alone, and nobody is equipped with abilities in every field. Sure, our family can raise food, but the Keplers know how to make it excellent (and I mean excellent, excellent - I'll be dreaming about that feast for months).

The 2019 events schedule at our farm is going to be one worth watching, friends. That's all I'll say for now.

Come on, spring...